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Chicken Pakura£3.25Add +
Tandoori Chicken£3.25Add +
Chicken / Lamb Tikka£3.25Add +
Tandoori King Prawn£4.50Add +
Sheek / Shami Kebab£3.25Add +
Chicken / Aloo Chat£3.25Add +
Chicken Tikka Puree£3.95Add +
Prawn Puree£3.95Add +
King Prawn Puree£5.50Add +
King Prawn Butterfly£4.25Add +
Samosa (Meat or Vegetable)£2.50Add +
Onion Bhajee£2.50Add +
Fish Tikka£3.95Add +
Lamb Chops£4.50Add +
Mix Kebab£3.25Add +
Reshmi Kebab£3.25Add +
Ajuba£2.95Add +
Daal Soup£2.95Add +
Tandoori Dishes
Served with Salad & Mint Sauce
Tandoori Chicken£6.45Add +
Chicken / Lamb Tikka£5.95Add +
Tandoori King Prawn£8.45Add +
Tandoori Mixed Grill£8.45Add +
Chicken / Lamb Shaslik£6.95Add +
Lamb Chops£8.95Add +
Fish Tikka£7.95Add +
Paneer Tikka Shaslik£6.95Add +
Shaad Special
Shaad Special (Medium)£9.95Add +Medallons of Chicken & King Prawn cooked with green peppers, tomatoes & onion in spicy mince meat sauce
King Prawn Suka (Medium)£9.95Add +Charboiled King Prawn cooked with onion and tamarind sauce, sweet, tangy medium hot
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Suka (Medium)£7.45Add +Charbroiled chicken cooked with onion & tamarind sauce, sweet, tangy medium hot
Black Peppers Chicken / Lamb (Medium)£6.95Add +Stir fried chicken sauteed with onions, peppers & mushroom in light herbs
Chicken / Lamb Chilli Fry (Fairly hot)£7.45Add +Tiny pieces of barbecued lamb or chicken with green chillie, capsicum, ginger and tomatoes, stir fried with cumin seeds, herbs, soya sauce, tobasco sauce and finally garnished with coriander
Naga Chicken (Very Hot)£6.95Add +Very hot and highly flavoured dish. Marinated chicken or lamb cooked with fresh spice, coriander and naga chillies from Far East
Mango Delight (Medium)£6.95Add +Mild chicken with thick sauce, cooked with mango and lychee
Sali Boti Chicken / Lamb (Medium)£6.95Add +Medium dish with thick sauce, cooked with apricot
Nobabi Chicken (Medium)£7.45Add +Mild chicken dish, sitting on lettuce topped with cheese
Green Chicken (Very Hot)£7.45Add +Hot, green pepper, green chilli, ginger, garlic & coriander
Mumbai Chicken (Medium)£7.45Add +Medium with potato & egg
Chef's Special
Tandoori Chicken Mosala£7.45Add +cooked with mosala sauce & cream
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Mosala£6.95Add +
Paneer Tikka Mosala (cheese)£6.95Add +
Tandoori King Prawn Mosala£8.95Add +
Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik Mosala£9.95Add +cooked with mosala sauce, onion, capsicum and tomatoes
Chicken / Lamb Shaslik Mosala£7.45Add +cooked with mosala sauce, onions, capsicum and tomatoes
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Kashmir Mosala£7.45Add +cooked with masala sauce and Lychee
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Pasanda£7.45Add +cooked with almond, coconut, cream and crushed egg
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Makani£6.95Add +cooked with mosala sauce, sultana and butter
Butter Chicken / Lamb£6.95Add +cooked with coconut, cream & butter
Tandoori King Prawn Bhuna (Medium)£8.95Add +
Tandoori King Prawn Josh (Medium)£8.95Add +
Trivoji£7.95Add +Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab cooked in a medium thick sauce with onion, tomato and coriander
Zafrani Chicken / Lamb Tikka£6.95Add +Marinated in wonderful aromatic tandoori spices, barbecued then cooked with balti paste with roast tomatoes, peppers and onions
Honey Chicken£6.95Add +Mild chicken with thick sauce, cooked with light spice and honey
Tandoori King Prawn Rajatha (Medium)£8.95Add +cooked with medium curry sauce and fried onion top
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi (Fairly Hot)£6.95Add +cooked with onion, capsicum, tomato and fresh green chillies
Tandoori King Prawn Jalfrezi (Fairly Hot)£9.95Add +cooked with onion, capiscum, tomato and fresh green chillies
Lemon Chicken (Medium)£6.95Add +cooked with a variety of herbs, special lemon flavour blend
Achari Chicken / Lamb (Medium)£6.95Add +A medium dish cooked with lime pickle
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Chilli Mosala (Fairly Hot)£6.95Add +cooked with onion, fresh chillies and mosala sauce
Tandoori King Prawn Chilli Mosala (Fairly Hot)£9.95Add +cooked with onion, fresh chillies and mosala sauce
Garlic Chilli Chicken / Lamb (Fairly Hot)£6.95Add +cooked in garlic and fresh green chillies
Garlic Chicken / Lamb (Medium)£6.50Add +cooked in garlic and onion medium hot
Muglai Chicken / Lamb (Medium)£6.95Add +cooked with egg & onion
Fish Bhuna (Medium)£6.95Add +
Fish Jalfrezi (Hot)£6.95Add +
Keema Bhuna (Medium)£6.50Add +
Authentic Indian Dishes
Korma£5.45Add +Mild, Sweet & Coconut
Curry (Medium)£5.20Add +
Madras (Fairly Hot)£5.20Add +
Vindaloo (Very Hot)£5.20Add +
Rogon Josh (Medium)£5.20Add +With Tomato
Dupiaza (Medium)£5.20Add +With Onion
Bhuna (Medium)£5.20Add +With thick sauce
Kashmir£5.20Add +With lychees
Malaya£5.20Add +With pineapple
Sag£5.20Add +With spinach
Jalfrezi£5.95Add +cooked with onion, capsicum, tomato and fresh green chillies
Biryani Dishes
A mixture of Basmati rice, your choice of meats, seafood, vegetable exotic spices used to create this exquisite dish, served with vegetable curry
Chicken / Lamb Biryani£6.95Add +
Tandoori Chicken Biryani£7.95Add +
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Biryani£7.95Add +
Tandoori King Prawn Biryani£9.95Add +
King Prawn Biryani£8.95Add +
Prawn Biryani£7.50Add +
Vegetable Biryani£6.50Add +
Shaad Special Biryani£8.95Add +Mixed with Chicken tikka, Lamb tikka and king prawn
Dansak Dishes
Cooked in condensed tomato and lentils, sweet & sour, slightly hot, served with pilau rice
Tandoori Chicken Dansak (Fairly Hot)£8.45Add +
Chicken / Lamb Dansak (Fairly Hot)£7.45Add +
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Dansak (Fairly Hot)£8.45Add +
Tandoori King Prawn Dansak (Fairly Hot)£9.95Add +
King Prawn Dansak (Fairly Hot)£9.45Add +
Prawn Dansak (Fairly Hot)£7.95Add +
Vegetable Dansak (Fairly Hot)£6.95Add +
Pathia Dishes
A medium to hot dish, made with herbs cooked in a hot, sweet & sour sauce, served with pilau rice
Chicken / Lamb Pathia (Fairly Hot)£7.45Add +
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Pathia (Fairly Hot)£8.45Add +
Tandoori King Prawn Pathia (Fairly Hot)£9.95Add +
King Prawn Pathia (Fairly Hot)£9.45Add +
Prawn (Fairly Hot)£7.95Add +
Vegetable (Fairly Hot)£6.95Add +
Korai Dishes
Cooked with special spices, tomatoes, onions, peppers in a dry thick sauce
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Korai (Medium)£6.95Add +
Chicken / Lamb Korai (Medium)£5.95Add +
Tandoori King Prawn Korai (Medium)£9.45Add +
King Prawn Korai (Medium)£8.45Add +
Prawn (Medium)£6.45Add +
Balti Dishes
These dishes are cooked with freshly blended spices & variety of balti paste to give out the strong flavour, herbs, spinach & mushroom, the strength of these dishes can be tailored to suit your taste. Served with Nan
Chicken / Lamb Balti£6.95Add +
Chicken / Lamb Tikka£7.95Add +
King Prawn Balti£8.95Add +
Tandoori King Prawn Balti£9.95Add +
Chicken / Lamb Chilli Balti£7.95Add +
Chicken / Lamb Chana Balti£7.95Add +
Vegetable Balti£6.50Add +
Vegetarian Main Dishes
Mixed Vegetable Curry£4.50Add +Mixed vegetable in a medium sauce
Mushroom Curry£4.50Add +Sliced mushroom in a medium sauce
Vegetable Mosala£4.95Add +Vegetable cooked in mosala sauce
Vegetable Korma£4.95Add +Mild, sweet and creamy with coconut
Vegetable Jalfrezi£4.95Add +Vegetable with green chilli, green peppers, onion and herbs
Vegetable Rajatha£4.95Add +Vegetable with fried onion
Garlic Mushroom£4.95Add +Vegetable with fried onion
Navarattan Kofta£5.45Add +Spicy vegetable and potato balls, cooked with cheese and finished with butter
Garlic Vegetable£4.95Add +
Vegetarian Side Dishes
Mixed Vegetable Curry£3.25Add +
Bombay Aloo£3.25Add +Potatoes cooked with spices
Aloo Gobi£3.25Add +Potatoes & Cauliflower
Aloo Motor£3.25Add +Potatoes & Chick peas
Sag Aloo£3.25Add +Spinach & Potatoes
Sag Bhajee£3.25Add +Spinach
Sylhet Sag£3.25Add +Spinach & Green Chilli
Sag Paneer£3.25Add +Spinach & Cheese
Motor Paneer£3.25Add +Peas & Cheese
Mushroom Bhajee£3.25Add +
Sag Mushroom£3.25Add +Spinach & Mushroom
Cauliflower Bhajee£3.25Add +
Chana Mosala£3.25Add +Chick Peas
Tarka Dall£3.25Add +Lentils with garlic
Bindy Bhajee£3.25Add +Okra
Niramish£3.25Add +Mixed vegetable, dry
Sag Dall£3.25Add +Spinach & lentils
Plain Boiled Rice£2.20Add +
Bashmati Pilau Rice£2.40Add +
Special Fried Rice£3.00Add +peas and egg
Mushroom Fried Rice£3.00Add +
Mixed Vegetable Rice£3.00Add +
Lemon Rice£3.00Add +
Egg Rice£3.00Add +
Keema Rice£3.50Add +Minced Lamb
Chicken Fried Rice£3.50Add +
Coconut Rice£3.00Add +
Plain Nan£2.30Add +
Keema Nan£2.50Add +
Peshwari Nan£2.50Add +
Vegetable Nan£2.50Add +
Garlic Nan£2.50Add +
Chilli Nan£2.50Add +
Cheese Nan£2.50Add +
Paratha£2.20Add +
Stuffed Paratha£2.50Add +
Chapathi£1.50Add +
Tandoori Roti£1.60Add +
Puri£1.20Add +
Plain / Spiced Papadam£0.60Add +
Raitha (Cucumber or Onion)£1.60Add +
Mango Chatney / Lime Pickle / Mint Sauce£0.60Add +
Onion Chatney£0.60Add +
Green Salad£1.50Add +
Chips£2.00Add +
Kebab Roll
Mixed Kebab Roll£5.50Add +Chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab rolled in nan with fresh salad and sauce
Chicken Tikka Roll£4.50Add +Chicken tikka, rolled in nan with fresh salad and sauce
Lamb Tikka Roll£4.50Add +Lamb tikka, rolled in nan with fresh salad and sauce
Sheek Kebab Roll£4.50Add +Skewered mince lamb, rolled in nan with fresh salad and sauce
Cans (330ml)£0.70Add +
Bottles (1.5ltr)£2.20Add +
Set Meals
Set Meal For One£10.95Add +1x Papadam, 1x Chicken Tikka (starter), 1x Chicken Bhuna, 1x Pilau Rice
Set Meal For Two£21.95Add +2x Papadams, 1x Chicken Tikka (starter), 1x Onion Bhaji (starter), 1x Chicken Tikka Mosala, 1x Chicken Dopiza, 1x Pilau Rice, 1x Plain Nan
Set Meal For Three£32.95Add +3x Papadams, 1x Chicken Tikka (starter), 1x Onion Bhaji (starter), 1x Chicken Tikka Mosala, 1x Lamb Rogon Josh, 1x Bombay Aloo, 1x Mushroom Bhajee, 2x Pilau Rice, 2x Plain Nan
Set Meal For Four£43.95Add +4x Papadams, 2x Chicken Tikka (starter), 1x Onion Bhaji (starter), 1x Meat Samosa (starter), 1x Chicken Tikka Mosala, 1x Lamb Madras, 1x Prawn Bhuna, 1x Sag Aloo, 1x Aloo Gobi, 2x Pilau Rice, 2x Plain Nan